Warning: Resveratrol may not be for you! Disappointed? Don't be! Because for most of us, resveratrol is not likely to have any potential problems, side effects or other health related reasons to stay away. But there are a subset of people who should NOT take resveratrol, and we're going to look at a few of those groups below. 

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 Quite simply, because there are still things we are unsure about related to how it interacts with some female hormones. Resveratrol has been shown to potentially do some amazing things with women's health ( there have been some cursory but very encouraging results with breast cancer treatment) there are some concerns with estrogen, and how it may affect the production of this hormone during pregnancy or breast feeding as well.  If you are interested, take a look at Relpax.

 Filed Under: Resveratrol Should Not Be Taken While Simultaneously Using a Blood Thinning Medication 

 Very simply, you should speak to your doctor, or health professional before taking resveratrol if you are also being treated with a blood thinner. Why? Because the supplement may also act to thin the blood, combination with another medication, may not be a good combo! 

 The Good News

 There have not been major issues reported with resveratrol side effects, and the upside just may be unlimited! Most supplements on the market today are being sold in concentrations that are NOT going to be problematic anyway, and as of our own research, we have yet to find ONE case of any side effect being significant enough to be reported. Remember though, before starting any new supplement, even a natural one like resveratrol, simply do a little research, read the product description and make sure it jives well with YOUR system before you start!  For more info, visit this website


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