Irrefutably, deciding a price that can assure our old age's financial security is something we all want to calculate and we all find ourselves incompetent of doing so. Entire humankind is in dusk to dawn struggle for one single answer, -œhow much should I save for my old age-? This is where a retirement planning guide is most needed. 

 There are various companies offering retirement plans to the individuals and business entities and even people look for a genuine retirement planning guide , but the question that popup in our mind is, which one is the best among those, why and how? The most favoured plan by Americans is Roth IRA and unquestionably, Americans with Traditional IRA are converting to Roth IRA plans. 


 What is Roth IRA? 

 Roth IRA is an individual retirement plan and its founder Mr. William .V. Roth gave this name to it. This retirement plan is extremely opposite to the Traditional Retirement plan and the plan was constituted under Section 402A of Internal Revenue Code. 

 Advantage of Roth IRA plan: Roth IRA plan comes with an assurance of complete tax advantage. In case any individual anticipates him in a high tax bracket by the age of his retirement, no other plan besides Roth IRA can promise him maximum returns with maximum tax advantage. Example: Age: 25 Year old Roth IRA allowed contributions(as per tax bracket): $5000 P.A If you are interested, take a look at best retirement plan

 Using Roth IRA One will be saving $0.0014Billion + 8% Annual Average Return 

 This Roth IRA plan comes with a privilege of withdrawal before maturity in case of financial hardship. Any account holder, who is making annual payment of his Roth IRA, can withdraw the available amount anytime during the year. More surprisingly, he will be free from any sort of penalty that other plans charge in case of an early withdrawal and no income tax on received amount as well. 

 Being a member to Roth IRA plan, you can withdraw your contribution for buying a home too without any penalty. The only conditions are: One must be contributing since last 5 years Requested amount for early withdrawal has to be lesser than $10,000. 


There is a lot more to know about these retirement plans, contribution limits and conversion of plans. However, it is not easy and not imperative for an uninitiated policyholder to understand these legal terms. One can always hire an expert who can better explain the contents of a good retirement planning guide .  For more info, visit this link

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