When you are playing at the slot machines, you are likely to experience that you are having a random pattern of winning or losing spells. Though, it very difficult to point out the patterns but you can have a better idea of predicting and understanding the patterns once you play more often. The more you play, the easier it gets to understand the patterns generally and also the pattern of each slot machines that you play at. The lesser time you take for recognizing the patterns, the better you get with you game. You will know exactly when to bet down or leave the table. This will prove beneficial to your game and you can win more at the machines. If you are interested, take a look at Slot machine. Each spin of the slot machine is very different from the previous one and hence many people develop the notion that winning at these machines is purely dependent on luck. It is therefore that many players think that losing a few hands does not mean that the player is having a down cycle and also if the player wins a few hands it is not always true that it is an up cycle. As the slot machines patterns work on the Random Number Generator, every spin is different from the previous one. This makes it very hard to predict the future spins. Hence, it can nothing but pure luck if a player keeps losing as many as 20 hands consequently and the next spin earns him the jackpot. It is not uncommon to see many experienced players waiting for the player to finish playing. They do it in the hope that the player finishes the down cycle while he can take advantage of the up cycle patterns and win cash. These cycles make everyone think that the slot machines are pre programmed or simply follow a pattern. The more down cycle that a machine will have, the better the up cycles are. So it makes sense to play at the machine where a previous player has had a down cycle. This can give you a chance of catching up the up cycles. I too have followed this trick but many a times, the results have bewildered me. I start think that is the system really based on logic or is simply a case of luck? Ten questions is a very complicated one. Te basic idea behind the number selection is a set of numbers known as -œcomputer selection table-. It is from this set that the RGN selects the number that is displayed on the slot machine. This list have more winning numbers at some point of time while it also ahs losing numbers at some point of time. For more info, visit this site

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