With the right software to copy games, you can create identical copies of all your PS3 games. Im sure many people, including myself have tried to copy a PS3 game with the same burning software used for videos or music. But this simply doesn't work. This standard copy software does not have the power to get through the copyright protection on PS3 games. Therefore you can't play these games without modifying your console. This can be expensive, dangerous and could void your warranty. Thats the last thing you want to do. 

 If you have the right software to copy games. You can copy PS3 games with a high quality DVD, a PC with a DVD burner and a few minutes of your time. If you are interested, take a look at Software Copy Protection.  


 This software can create a backup of your PS3 games, which you can store on your desktop, to burn at a later date. But my advice would be to copy the PS3 game straight away. Then you can use this backup for everyday use, whilst keeping the master disc in its case and in original condition. 

 PS3 games are so easy to scratch and damage. The last thing we want is to have to go and fork out another 70-100 bucks on a new game. Protect your investment by copying your games like I did. You don't need to be a computer expert to achieve this. Any good software to copy games should have a decent user interface, and talk you through the procedure. It really is very simple. 

 One word of advice though. Don't go buying the cheapest blank DVD's you can find. If you really want an exact copy, that plays the same and looks the same. Spend an extra few bucks and get yourself some high quality, reliable blank DVDs. This way you know your backups are exactly like the originals you keep stored away.  

 So my top tips for using software to copy games: 

 - Ensure the software you get can brake past the built in copy protection on games - Has a tutorial, or will walk you through the simple steps - Will produce copies of PS3 game in little time - Has online support if you need it - Backup all of your games, both on your desktop, and on DVD - Keep original discs in cases, stored away somewhere safe. Only use the copies when playing games 

 There are many different software to copy games available.  For more info, visit this  webpage. 

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