A common frustration of people who utilize sunless tanning is that it does not always last as long as they would like. Most people who are complaining about their spray tan wearing off in 3-4 days are probably unaware of the way you should prep for and maintain a spray tan. Following the tips below can help you prolong the life of your beautiful, bronze tan. Before you Spray Tan: · Research Do research on the spray tanning solutions that different salons use and choose one that contains moisturizes agents. Also make sure that the spray tan solution does not have a heavy alcohol content because that will dry out your sky and cause it to crack. · Exfoliate Exfoliate your entire body before you spray tan, but only use an all natural scrub that does not contain oils. The oils will put a protective coating on your skin that will stop the solution from being absorbed. · Avoid Lotion Do not wear any lotion that day that you are getting a spray tan because it will block the spray tan solution from the skin. If you want to know more about this, check out Spray tan newport beach. Also try not to wear deodorant or anything else on the surface of your skin because it will leave that area white. After you spray tan: · Wait 6 hours before showering Avoid showering for at least six hours after your sunless tan solution is applied. The DHA needs enough time to develop and water will hinder this process. · Keep Showers Quick When you do shower, make it quick. Do not soak in the bath because that encourages the sloughing of dead skin cells and will speed up the fading of your tan. Also, avoid using soap in the shower. Soap is harsh on the skin and may remove your tan. Use a moisturizing body wash instead. · Pat skin dry instead of rubbing After you get out of the shower do not rub your skin dry with a towel, instead pat dry it gently. Rubbing your skin with a towel may slough off some of the tan, but patting it dry will only take away the moisture. · Apply a light moisturizer Moisturizing your skin is key to maintain your skin, but you do not want to apply too heavy of a lotion. Opt for a light moisturizer and apply it multiple times a day, especially after you shower. · Avoid pools and hot tubs Stay away from pools and hot tubs that contain chlorine because it will dry out the skin and may bleach the skin, which will lighten your tan prematurely. · Use a gradual self tanner to maintain the color for a few extra days Once the color starts fading (5-6 days later) start gently exfoliating it with body exfoliating gloves so it fades more evenly. Apply a gradual self tanner to maintain the color for a few extra days.  For more info, visit this website

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