Black light tattoo is a kind of tattoo that is very convert, it is not visible under normal light and is only visible when displayed under black light.   If you are interested, click Tattoo . There is a kind of black light tattoo that it will appear only in the dark without any source of light.  This kind of tattoo is made by the ink which are mixed with chemicals such as phosphor power.  Sometimes, in order to make the tattoo look brighter in the night, manufacturers would add some radioactive chemicals in the ink. Many of the office worker who adore the culture of tattoo may feel awkward that tattoo goes against their company culture or professional image.  This is quite obvious in many government agencies. We can think about the condition that an office worker or a civil servant meet his customer in summer and there is a tattoo on his arm or any visible part of his body, he may lose his customer.  So in order to reduce your worries that your tattoo will be seen by your customers or others which may give them an inspection of impolite sometimes, black light tattoo was produced.  Black light tattoo absorb light in the daylight and bright in the night, this is very suitable to many white-collars.  If you can't stop you adore to tattoo and your work doesn't allow you to have a regular tattoo, you may have a try on black light tattoo. But every thing has its two sides.  Compared to the regular tattoo, black light tattoo have the advantage that it won't be seen at day time, this may help you reduce your worries sometimes. But its more expensive and time taking to have a black light , and to the consideration of your health, you are not strongly suggested to try it.  Even we can make sure that the glow reactive ink is innoxious, we can not insure that all of you can adopt to it.  Just like the sea food seller can make sure his seafood is OK but he can't insure everyone can eat the seafoods with no danger.  Normally, a formal tattoo shop won't provide the service of black light tattoo because it is more probable to get skin irritation, allergic reaction  and even dermatitis. For more info, visit this website

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