Deciding how to generate targeted leads for your work at home business can be a confusing task. It took me months to figure out that I needed to specialize. The scatter shot approach wastes time, precious energy and tends to annoy many people in the process. If they aren't annoyed, they are at least disinterested which does you no good. Here's the analogy. First, the scatter shot approach. One dude is on the corner pressing business cards into the hands of everybody walking by. If you have been to New York City you are aware that certain gentlemen's establishments use this technique to attract potential customers. OK, strip clubs do it. It's a silly method. Just like the street dude who says -œGet the frick out of my face!- or crumbles the card, an audience which isn't targeted dismisses your opportunity. A targeted search focuses on people who are interested in buying what you have to offer. If you want to know more about this, check out Viridian. The above example might get a little dicey analogy wise, so I will stick with a simple analogy of how it works in the online world. Let's say you have the flu. Google -œHow to treat the flu.- My ezinearticle comes up, rich with -œHow to treat the flu- as a key phrase. You read it, are cured by my miraculous homeopathic flu curing methods and want to learn more about me. My link gets clicked and I have a potential targeted customer. Rather than writing 100 articles without keyword research I thought of who I wanted to target and build my marketing campaign around it. This is like building a system. Plan intelligently, act on the plan and let targeted leads come to you. Here are 3 free methods to generate targeted leads with free methods. Twitter Search Search for your keyword. Build your work at home business network around this search. I made the mistake of following everybody in the beginning. This made it difficult for me to target. Run a search and begin following the users with your keywords in their tweets. RT them. Engage them. Even if they are a bot each RT and engage shows up in your stream, making you attractive to fellow tweeters. Article Marketing Build your article marketing campaign around a few select keywords. This is a powerful method of how to generate targeted leads for your work at home business. Find the proper mix of profitable and non-competitive keywords. Don't slug it out with the big dogs and also don't mine worthless keywords. Finding a balance prospers you. Facebook Groups When figuring out how to generate targeted leads Facebook groups might not be the first idea which comes to mind. Think about it, a network of like-minded people. A peer might be interesting in your opportunity. Or someone scanning groups, interested in starting a work at home business.  For more info, visit this website

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