Online web directory free authority google business directory. Free and paid links increase your rankings and page rank submit your links. What are web directories used for in online marketing? Firstly we should look at what a web directory actually is based on. A web directory or business web directory is usually run by a web master using a PHP script program, these can include scripts such as PHP link directory, Sobi2, SobiPro for Joomla 2.5 and other free or paid directory scripts. Once this is installed on a server a web master can create multiple categories suitable for the directory theme. It is best to base the directory on a theme and then you can there for create internal categories based off that theme. Web Masters benefit from web directories by charging for a listing for people to submit their links. If you want to know more about this, check out Web Directory. If you are running a directory it is highly advisable to keep it SEO friendly with a unique listing of categories for people to submit there websites into, it should have unique titles, meta descriptions and keywords in order to be seen as an authority directory in Google. It is best hen starting a directory to offer free directory submissions for a few months in order to get some listings in your directory. Not many people are willing to submit and pay for links in a brand new directory with no Google page rank as there is no benefit for the listing to them as a web master. As your site grows and you build more links to your directory you will attain a level of Google page rank. Your internal categories will also gain a page rank giving you some kind of authority in Google. This will improve your chances of gaining paying customers who are willing to submit their link to your directory. Once you get more established you will need to manage your directory properly. Most web site owners will check the quality of your directory before submitting any links. From this as a guide you should keep bad links out of your directory, it is high advised to keep links out of your directory based on adult sites, pharmacy and gambling. The next questions should be why should I submit my link to a web directory? What benefits will it have for me and how will this help my website? When you submit your website to a online business web directory, it will link back to your URL. Google will pick this up and based on the quality of the directory it will improve the rankings of your website in the Google search engines. The more high quality directories you submit your website too, the better rankings you will receive in the search engines for your websites keywords. Many SEO experts submit links to multiple directories for clients in order to achieve better search engine rankings. When you submit your website to a web directory you should stay away from auto directory submission software. This will effect your rankings as they are not manually submitted and the search engines such as Google and yahoo can pick this up as spam and your website may be penalised and can drop in rankings. 

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