The digital marketing industry is growing at an exponential pace but still there are lot many things that need to be explored and implemented. Where search engine and social media marketing has become frequent, online reputation management is still in an embryonic stage. Not many people know about this arm of Internet marketing and those who know have various misconceptions about the same. A cumulative result of both the factors is inability of businesses to leverage the power of reputation management. To get rid of this crumbling state, it is pertinent to bust the myths associated with the service of reputation management. 

 It is a common misconception that online reputation management is useful only for organizations or professionals having a negative image in the global market. The notion is partially true and not completely. Do you want to know why? Because this service is valuable for those organizations as well those have no reputation in the market at all. In other words, organizations with trifling branding can also benefit from the service of reputation management. Now, let us throw some light on how is this possible.  If you want to know more about this, check out What is online reputation management. 


 Most of the people believe that reputation management involves activities such as monitoring negative comments and responding to the same. But, here we would like to clarify that this is just one segment of the service and there are many more activities that SEO services India companies perform to achieve desired results. Some of the activities performed as part of online reputation management are: 

  ·Active Participation on Social Networking Sites - This step is performed to build a brand for the client's product or service. Also, active participation on such sites ensures constant communication between the client and their customers. It is noteworthy that this segment is useful for newly established enterprises. 

 ·Submission of Customer Reviews - Studies and surveys conducted by digital marketing agencies reveal that more customer reviews over the Internet boost the bottom line of a business. As a part of reputation management over the Internet, agencies collect customer reviews and post them on different platforms to generate awareness. In case of hotels and restaurants, this service is pivotal in boosting the footfall.  For more info, visit this amazing site


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