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There is no argument on the fact that direct embroidery on a garment looks beautiful but it is also quite expensive. On the other side, custom patches can help you carry your business logo or message across in an almost similar and easy fashion, without burning a hole in your pocket. custom embroidered patches are available to you easily online on websites like, giving you the advantage of shopping for them straight from home. Unlike direct embroidery these patches can be designed and created without considering the fabric on which they will be sewn. You can just purchase the patches of your choice and easily apply them to any fabric of your choice.

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 If you want to spend an unforgettable vacation with your closest friends or kin, try to see Rome. You will have to take into consideration the following issues: time, money and sights to see. You visit in Rome can be spelled out in a lot of purpose: reunions, visits, sight-seeing or just to unwind. Whatever is your infinite aim, Rome Hotels are ready to satisfy all your needs by offering the highest quality of services. Peak season is usually fully booked. That would be on June and July for summer and December as it is Christmas and New Year's Eve. Rates of the hotels are much higher than it originally is. But if you are really willing to visit Rome at any time you please, you must have the funds for it. Call the hotel you've chosen and tell them about the number of adults and kids since 5 years and below are free. There are many tour services you can reserve for the whole bunch prior to arrival. With that, you are going to have the best holiday ever in Rome. If you want to know more about this, check out Capodanno Roma.


 Superior Rome Hotels

 Visconti Palace Hotel, one of the biggest hotels in Rome with 4-Star rating is composed of 247 contemporary suites filled with expensive lights and beautiful interior decorations just right to de-stress your body. It also happens to be a family-oriented hotel which aids the guests who want to experience family tour packages. If you want to be left alone and spend everything you've got, go to Duke Hotel. Their restaurant, the I Duchi includes healthy low-fat menu for the dieting guests. Boscolo Palace Hotel, designed by the famous Italian Architect, Marcello Piacentini, has 94 magnanimous rooms and suites. Nostalgic as it is, the retrograde hotel displays pieces made by Guido Cadorin - Frescoes. Rose Garden Palace belongs to the premium Rome Hotels category. All its 59 suites are a combination of old and present Rome. Even while on vacation, the hotel has an exercise center named Oasi to assist the physical fitness needs of the guests. They also offer massage session. Indeed, with money, you can buy superior hotel services.

 Advantages of Pricey Rome Hotels

 May, June, September or December - pick any month, and for sure, Rome is swamped with people touring the city. Finding happiness in travel cannot be restricted only to tourist attractions and museum walking tours. What's very important is the hotel where you can relax from walking all day in the ancient capital of the Mediterranean. If you are a die-hard fan of old interiors and exteriors of the building, furnished with antiques and luxurious rooms in the style of the late 19th Century, then, you have to stay in St. Regis Grand. Needless to say, that this is the place where monarchs and senior figures, famous writers (Zola and Tolstoy) and modern Hollywood stars were resting while visiting Rome. Hotel Majestic is one of the majestic Rome Hotels indeed. This is one place of bombastic leisure that comes with elegance. The atmosphere inside the building is in English-restrained, if not modest, but would never ever say poor- the furniture is made of the finest oak species, and curtains made from very brocade. Want to explore the exquisiteness of Rome?Look for a superb hotel and never leave the room!

 Family-friendly Rome Hotels

 If you want to visit Rome, don't forget to take your kids with you. There are lots of advantages being offered by hotels to those visiting with their kids. If you have a child 5 years or less, then, Hotel Carallo in Palestro 44 is happy to propose to you a discount of 100% for your child's overnight. The price for an adolescent with an extra bed is 15 Euros per night. Another family hotel, Hotel Virginia, provides baby cots for your little angels 2 years old and below -compliments of the hotel. Hotel Virginia can be found at Via Montebello 94. Visconti Palace Hotel at Via Federico Cesi 37 is the greatest option for affluent families. Your kids will love staying at this hotel since they will be receiving a lot of presents and attention from the hotel's staff. They also have special programs in order to keep your children occupied all day long, in case you'll decide to spend a romantic day with your beloved spouse. For more info, visit Capodanno Roma. _
_New Year's Resolutions aren't something new; in fact, they go back over two thousand years to ancient Rome. And, not only that, did you know that the key figure in ancient Roman New Year's Resolutions was the god Janus, which is where we get the word January. For those of you who don't know, Janus has one head but two faces, one in front and the other in back. Although there are many legends for the two faces, the ancient Romans believed that Janus could look back at the past and ahead to the future at the same time. This ability made Janus the ideal patron for New Year's Resolutions. f you want to know more about this, check out Veglione Capodanno. Going back through history, New Year's Eve was a time for exchanging traditional gifts, such as branches from sacred trees. Other gifts were nuts or coins with the image of Janus imprinted on them. As some of you might recognize, a lot of these customs from Rome and other ancient cultures have been carried down to our time, although with different meanings.The ancient Romans were great for making New Year's Resolutions, but weren't able to decide on exactly when the New Year should take place until Julius Caesar created the Julian calendar. This idea went along quite well until the Middle Ages. It was the Middle Ages that brought forth the Christians, who moved the date of the New Year to certain holy days, first December 25 and then to March 25. At the time, March 25 seemed particularly appropriate as a date to signify newness, as it comes in the spring when new crops are planted and nature begins to bring new life.While December 25 and March 25 seemed appropriate in a Christian sense, both dates created inaccuracies on a solar calendar. In the 16th century, Pope Gregory XIII revised the Julian calendar and returned New Year's Day back to January 1, which brings us back to today.Today, we still use the Gregorian calendar throughout the world. Although some cultures choose not to follow the sun as the basis for their calendar, all societies celebrate the New Year as a great new beginning, and many societies follow traditions of New Year's Resolutions.Through history into the present, New Year's has meant the same for most of us. New Year's Day is a time to put the old year behind us and start out fresh, with a new beginning and a clean slate. There is no better time than to celebrate looking back on the past and creating New Year's Resolutions to guide our future. For more info, visit Veglione Capodanno.
_How are you feeling about it being October already? Excited because the year is coming to a close, or bummed because the year is coming to a close? Frankly, it makes me nervous that time is speeding past so fast and many of my goals are still out of reach. So, January is notorious for being that time of resolutions!Making resolutions is the secret to reaching your goals of dropping those extra pounds, eating healthier, and putting more snap to your step by getting over to the gym and flexing those abs.Setting your sights on becoming a happier person next year than you already are is a smart way to shape your fate in the months to come. In this article I will give you practical steps on how to keep your resolve - you can drop those pounds, eat the foods you love by making a few simple exchanges, and you can have more energy to enjoy life - believe it.You've made New Year Resolutions before, some have panned out, most haven't, but have you ever wondered where this notion came from? A little history - the tradition of making resolutions started back in 153 B.C. The mythical king Janus of Rome became the granter of resolutions because he had two faces. He could look back at what had been and he could see what was to come.The Romans, seeking forgiveness from their enemies, also wanted to exchanged gifts before the New Year. Naming the first month of the year after king Janus, the god of beginnings and guardian of doors and entrances, January 1st came into being. If you want to know more about this, check out Capodanno Roma 2012.  This tradition is only used in countries having a 365-day calendar which was developed by Julius Caesar beginning the New Year in 46 B.C.While Janus was looking back at the old year and looking forward into the New Year, at midnight on December 31st, the Romans began the tradition of presenting gifts of sacred trees for good luck. The tradition eventually changed to that of giving nuts or coins imprinted with the image of Janus. Over the centuries the date of the New Year was changed many times, until the sixteenth century when Pope Gregory XIII revised the Julian calendar, and the celebration of New Year' Day returned to January 1st.Keeping your resolutions rests on finding a solution that will help you lose weight, eat healthier, and have more energy so you can enjoy life more. Ask yourself this question, "What is my drink of choice?" In all likelihood it was anything but water, what with all the other choices available - coke, beer, coffee - and dozens more. By supplying the body with all the water it can handle, it will eliminate what it doesn't need from around your hips, ankles, and thighs. They will love you for it. See if your belly doesn't become flatter and less flabby, in the process.Stored up toxins are leaving your body, more than you realize; your body knows you will keep the water supply coming and eventually you will feel lighter and see yourself wearing those jeans you gave up on last year or the year before. Water is your magic potion - drink up.Now, keeping with the water eliminating and the weight loosing, you will need to make a few food changes. Making better choices more often may be all that's necessary. Cravings of a Big Mac are probably in your New Year forecast, old habits die hard and new habits don't come about overnight. It's recorded and experimented with, a new habit can take about 30 days to get established. Eating a Big Mac and fries with a coke may have been your lunch of choice before the New Year, but looking ahead you might want to try a baked potato with a little dab of butter and a little salt and pepper, drop the fries, and grab a glass of water. Now, enjoy your Big Mac. Before you know it you will enjoy that baked potato, you might start craving it, and those fries and a coke can become a special treat that you look forward to every now and then.Leaving your couch and grabbing your gym bag is going to help your resolve. After a few weeks, your self-esteem will soar after you step on the scales and see that pounds are dropping off left and right. In the new year, health clubs always offer specials at reduced rates, for those people with serious resolution goals, try one for three or four months, be realistic when setting your goals, and you will be rewarded with obtainable results.By looking for positive alternatives to replace those defeating behaviors of the past, you will put into motion the mechanics of becoming a new you. Perhaps getting a new scale and weighing once a week and keeping a personal journal of your progress will be an important addition to your actions. You can do this.Make it happen in 2011.For more info, visit Capodanno Roma 2012.
Termini Station, Rome is located in the ancient 'rione' (district) of Esquilino, which was once part of the nearby Monti rione. Termini is located in the heart of the historic centre, and from here it easy to reach several of the city's most famous sights on foot, for example the beautiful Basilica of Saint Mary Major (a 10-minute walk), the impressive Colosseum and adjoining Roman Forum (both 15 minutes away), as well as the city's main shopping area (Via Condotti - 20 minutes). If you want to know more about this, check out Capodanno Roma 2012.  Of course, another advantage of being based in the Termini area of Rome while on vacation is that you will have access to the city's main transport hub. The main bus depot lies just outside on the main square (Piazza Cinquecento) and currently, Stazione Termini is the only metro station where both metro lines (A and B) intersect. Also, most trains start and/or terminate from Termini, as does the Leonardo Express, the fast train which goes to and from Fiumicino Airport.In and around the area of Termini Station in Rome, there is a large choice of eateries, and it is probably the area which has the largest selection of non-Italian cuisine restaurants in the city, which are comfortable nestled between typical Italian restaurants serving the best of Roman dishes. Some of the city's best night life is found south in the Monti area, where you will find many bars and pubs, providing both a typical Italian atmosphere or a more international and cosmopolitan one.Great shopping is also available in the direct area, ranging from boutique shops and handicraft workshops to the larger chain stores, which can be found in most high streets. The station itself also has its own shopping mall, called 'Forum Termini', where you can find United Colors of Benetton, Swatch, Sisley, Levi's and much more. All the shops and outlets are open seven days a week from 08.00am to 10.00pm, including bank holidays.Finally, as the area is a popular district to stay and to have as a base, there are also several types of accommodation and hotels in the Termini area to choose from. As could be expected, they range from ultra cheap hostels and guest houses, to the more higher rated hotels, and the more exclusive and costly establishments. Also you can get some great bargains on accommodation in the Termini area, especially during the low seasons, such as August. For more info, visit Capodanno Roma 2012. _   
Even in this time of crisis, Rome has proved to be one of the favourite travel destinations of Italian and foreign tourists.

According to a research carried out by Expedia, one of the most important online tour operators, Rome has been the Italian city that best managed the tourism drop-off during the black biennium (2008-2009). The credit of this result goes to the differentiation of the touristic offer, with suitable solutions for both pilgrims and fashion-victims, and to the wide range of accommodations succeeding in meeting everyone's needs: from youth hostels to central apartments, from budget hotels to country villas. If you want to know more about this, check out Eventi Capodanno.


A deep analysis of the data collected by Expedia shows that in the last two years Rome has been the choice of Italian visitors all over the year and, therefore, the most important touristic market nation-wide. Moreover, in 2008 Rome has been one of the few European capital cities, along with London and Vienna, that registered an increase in the tourist turnout, although it is still far from many destinations of the old and the new continent, appearing in the top travel destinations. In particular, New York was, at the end of 2009, the favourite destination for Italian people: a clear sign of the dollar weakness, as already happened in London, where a great number of Italians were attracted by a weak pound. After New York and London, this year Italians chose to spend their Christmas holidays in Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Miami, Amsterdam, Vienna and, eventually, Rome, at the 11th place. However, if we consider only the Italian market, Rome is the most popular city by far: if you plan to spend your holidays there, make sure you book an apartment or an hotel for New Year's Eve in adequate advance.

If compared to other Italian cities, Rome had positive results not only during Christmas time, but also during summer and spring holidays. The favourite destinations of summer 2009 were, besides classic seaside resorts (Spain and Greece in Europe, Sicily in Italy), London the omnipresent and other European cities, such as Stockholm, Copenhagen and Rome, which registered an increase in reservations in comparison to 2008. During Easter holidays and the 1st of May, in spite of the tourist drop-off of in art cities to the good of small villages, Rome entered the chart, along with Venice during Easter, Florence and Modena on the 1st of May.

As mentioned above, there is a number of reasons explaining the success of The Eternal City as a tourist destination, and the most of them are easy to understand. On the one hand, Rome is a wonderful art city, marked on the maps of the religious tourism. On the other, it is a metropolis rich in events and sites to visit, considered one of the most important fashion districts in the world. However, Rome would not be such a popular destination without the wide range of accommodations offered to visitors: a hostel for young people, maybe attending to the concert of the 1st of May, a cheap apartment or an hotel for families, a simple but cosy room in a bed & breakfast or even a prestigious country villa, if you cannot give up the luxury. For more info, visit Eventi Capodanno. _


_If you are looking for an unforgettable New Year's Eve, Rome is the right place for you! For those who want to celebrate 2010 outdoor , the Eternal City gives you a lot of opportunities. If you want to know more about this, check out Capodanno 2012. In Piazza Navona, one of the most important squares of the city, you can find the exposition of precious works of roman craftsmen. For the youngests who are looking for good Italian music, you can go to Via dei Fori Imperiali, near Coliseum, at the concert of Antonello Venditti. But not only pop music. In Piazza Quirinale, as usual, will be set up a concert of classical music in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic. Even museums will extend their closing time, and underground trains will be up and running in order to let you visit every wonderful sight of the town. At midnight, have a nice walking in Trastevere, under a sky enlightened by hundreds of fireworks-¦ Find out the special offers of UNA Hotel Roma ! A very unforgettable way to celebrate the New Year in the Eternal City. For more info, visit Capodanno 2012.