Blog for Money - Blog for Fun! A good way to earn some extra money is by blogging. There are a lot of people that blog for money; in fact there are people that have earned millions of dollars by blogging. The way to approach using a blog for money is to set up some kind of advertising that you can put on it. A blog is like an online journal and you can write about anything you want. You can write about your day to day activities, and put paid sponsored ads on the blog to earn income. If you want to know more about this, check out Blog for money. Paid sponsored ads pay you whenever somebody clicks on an advertisement. They do not have to purchase anything; they just need to click on an ad, which leads them to a web site. Another thing you can do is use affiliate marketing to make money for your blog. You can use your blog to promote other people's services and products. You can write reviews on products and send people to a sales landing page to make a purchase. You can talk about the latest news and show people where to get the latest and greatest items that have been promoted. Affiliate marketing is one possible way to earn a large income using a blog. If you want to blog for money, you can set up a blog very easily on the Internet. You can use a blogging service that can set up a blog for you without the need to purchase a domain name. You can also purchase a domain name, and set up a WordPress blog. Setting up a Word press blog is very simple and is better for long-term potential because you will own it forever. Using a blogger service, however, is also a good way to begin, because there is less of a learning curve involved. If you look on the Internet you can find a lot of people who have made a substantial income just by blogging. You can set up as many sites as you want, and your income potential is unlimited. Setting up a blog for money may just be the thing that you are looking for. You'll probably find that it is a lot of fun as well. 

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