You pay your money and you take your choice can be applied to so many aspects of life and not least amongst them the creations of an affordable web design. Twenty something years ago when the internet was in its infancy and the very first websites came into existence these one page sites were extremely expensive. A single page website which did little more than state the name of the company, some details of their products and a contact phone number and perhaps another for that new-fangled device known as the fax machine could cost upwards of one thousand pounds! If you are interested,go to Grow Your Business. Nowadays every company from blue-chip to backroom bedroom budding mogul has a website and they cost a great deal less. It is possible to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on very clever interactive websites promoting things like new luxury cars but apart from getting people to talk about it there is never any evidence that these expensive sites result in increased sales. The fact is that affordable is a subjective word and where a thousand pounds is peanuts to one it could represent a fortune to another. In any case, things have moved on a great deal from those early web design days and no budding business person will be naive enough not to realise that the physical looks of the web page is just a small part of the overall ecommerce package. A good web designer is very often just part of a team committed to helping a customer build a successful business. The web designer may be the artistic member of the team capable of creating a great site full of fantastic graphics and flash technology but that does not necessarily mean he will be good with the written script or the continuing and future marketing. This part of the business is known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short. The customer must be given an idea of how this works and how much should be budgeted. This is the on-going marketing which applies in any sort of business and should not be neglected if the company is to have a chance to succeed. An online business has the advantage of fewer overheads and a good relationship with an SEO company should remain an absolute priority. Statistics can be analysed month by month and paying the SEO Company on a regular basis should show results in the shape of your business climbing the ratings and perhaps even hitting the giddy heights of page one of the search engine. Any banker will explain that underfunding is the early death of many small business and whatever costs you think will be needed for year one then you should just double that figure. As the sales come in you must resist looking at travel brochures. Nurture it like a delicate plant and watch it grow with additional investment of a certain amount of the monthly profits toward SEO work and soon you will really reap the rewards. For more info, visit this website

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