Cultural exchange programs are an International adventure your child must look to have. Not only do they enhance their academic and analytical skills but also provide your child with unforgettable personal experiences, wide general knowledge, bosom friends across the globe, and develop globalized thinking faculties. Moreover, your child learns in depth about different cultures, traditions, and practices through a stay in a host family in New England and Boston, the two cities for which we offer cultural exchange programs. Academic benefits for high school students: New England is one of the most fabulous places in USA for learning. The celebrated Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located here. In addition Amherst, Williams, and Wesleyans are three more universities of International repute. If you want to know more about this, check out International student exchange. For high school student, institutions like the Loomis Chaffee School, Philips Exeter Academy, The Taft School, Deerfield Academy, and the Maine School of Science and Maths are high ranked ‘New England Prep Schools’ with myriad benefits for your child. Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about where your child would study his lessons while on a cultural exchange tour. Domestic benefits for high school students: We do not believe in sending your kids to a dormitory and lock them away from the chutzpah of New England. There are host family and guardianship service that are provided for an extra price. We have many families who have volunteered to work as host family units where your child would stay, learn skills, delve deep into an unknown culture and religion, understand the importance of fraternity building through differences kept aside, and develop a foster family miles away from home. What better experience could you hope to give your child than this? Guardianship services consist of people who act like guardians to your child while he/she stays put in a hostel catering to all their needs. Should your child need any kind of financial and personal help, guardian families would step in, make sure your child’s needs are met, and monitor their activities and academics consistently. Most guardians are also known to pay some pocket money to your child regularly and monitor their expenses. Thus, if you cannot afford host family services, guardianship services are great options to monitor your high school student. Long term benefits for your child Most people notice a certain positive cerebral change in their child after the foreign exchange tour is completed. Living with a host family would have opened the doors to new thoughts, beliefs, new ways of lives, and more importantly, made them step out of their comfort zone. They now, can safely be trusted to hone their skills and fly solo! To make the most of the cultural exchange program, make sure you choose a proper host family to house your child keeping these benefits in mind. For more info, visit this webpage

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