Electric cars are selling like hot cakes these days and it is because it boasts of the green theme. These cars don't run on gas, a non-renewable source of energy. These cars are now getting more and more important and automobiles pundit predict that these automobiles are the future of the vehicle industry because petrol prices will be steadily climbing up and hence running cost of electric cars will be very low. There are a lot of people out there right now moving to these environmentally friendly cars by converting their current vehicles. It may sound a bit amusing but it is possible to convert your current car in to an electric one. The car mechanic just has to replace the fuel driven engine by the electric one and it is done. If you are an expert in car, you can do it yourself too. You will find a lot of pre assembled kits for electric cars for sale in the market. These include breaks, safety features, car body, etc. Transforming your standard vehicle in to an electric one comes with a few advantages and disadvantages –You don't have to go to the gasoline station every time to fill up your car. The carbon foot print will be significantly reduced. If you have good mechanical skills, you will find that you can easily transform the car yourself. The cost of this process is less than $15,000, it might sound a lot now but you stand to gain a lot in the long term. There are plenty of other benefits of an electric car –. * Conversion is an easy to do process – any one can do it* Conversion is done step by step and thus you can troubleshoot the problems, if any, yourself easily* You get a speed of up to 65 miles per hour – which is quite good. There are a lot of people around who have easily transformed the car by themselves. If you want to know more about this, check out New Electric and hybrid cars 2013. The conversion to electric car depends on how much the vehicle weighs and how much batteries are you going to use. Charging the batteries of the car will not get a hole in your pocket, it is not expensive. You just have to plug the car in and the charging process begins. One big advantage of the electric cars is that they don't get really high speeds so you can be assured of lesser road accidents. The standard vehicles can get really fast and the youth just can't get enough of the speed that the cars have to offer. There have been a lot of deaths and accidents reported due to high vehicle speeds. The electric cars will certainly result in less road accidents because the speed is much less. Finally, the eco-friendly theme of these vehicles must be reiterated. We all know the hazards that vehicles air pollution can cause to the human beings. The electric cars will not pose any of these problems. There are a few disadvantages of these electric cars too though. There are not a lot of electric car mechanics in the market at the moment since this technology is relatively new. Hence you might struggle if the car doesn't work smoothly. The battery also needs to be replaced every few years since they get worn out after a period of time. Apart from these, there are not a lot of disadvantages of these electric cars. In The latest Lexus Hybrid Drive system, an efficient electric motor with high-output and a robust gasoline engine have been nicely combined together, and they both seem to work quite effectively in all Lexus Hybrid cars. This powerful gasoline engine and efficient electric motor produce astounding power while working in a seamless way to reduce damaging emissions. The leading edge technology has become a remarkable feature of luxury hybrid cars. There are many who want to know how the hybrid technology works. If you, too, want to know about this most advanced technology, this article will definitely help you to get some handy pieces of information. In fast acceleration, and when optimum power is needed to your vehicle, the Lexus Hybrid Drive system quickly seems to make the most of its high-output electric motor and robust gasoline engine to show you some real outstanding performance. The given electric motors greatly enhance the performance of the gasoline engine and provide higher torque, and thus, a V6 powerhouse performs quite similar to a V8, and a V8 begins to act like a V12. There are regenerative brakes that make the electric motor perform like a generator when the car is braking or coasting. Kinetic energy, which was lost in the process of slowing down is captured in this system, which is then turned into electric energy. Afterwards this energy is utilised for battery charging that enhances the efficiency of the system further. The featured regenerative braking system has been found quite effective in city driving, as you have to start and stop repeatedly there. The dual power sources and regenerative brakes are the soul of the impressive hybrid system. All Lexus Hybrids house a nickel-metal high-output battery that has been especially designed to last about 100,000 miles and it's another prominent feature of the hybrid system. This advanced compact battery efficiently stores the power, which Lexus Hybrid Drive system produces. It ensures that the car will get the power whenever it requires. An efficient and highly capable generator is another worth-mentioning stuff in the system that nicely works to convert additional gasoline engine power into electrical energy. This electrical energy is stored in the battery for future use. It is also the responsibility of this generator to start the engine whenever it is needed. To help drivers know about the fuel efficiency and the flow of power, the hybrid comes with a superb energy monitor. With this energy monitor, drivers get their vehicle energy related information instantly, and can easily calculate its energy economy. These are some prominent features of Lexus Hybrid system, and when these various features and tools work in a set mechanism, they produce the most advanced technology of the world when work together in a hybrid system. Hybrid cars are considered to be one of the most economical cars of the world due to its dual energy system, which works quite efficiently either ways. Check Lexus GS specification and what makes this car different from others. For more info, visit this website

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