There are many different kinds of spray tan equipment available, which may make purchasing the right kind for you a tough decision. The first thing you should do is research the different machines and accessories, so you have a clear understanding of what each type of equipment really is and what they offer. Read our spray tanning equipment cheat sheet below to complete step one of the decision process. ·Overspray Booth The sunless tanning overspray booth extracts overspray from the air during sunless airbrush solution application. This advanced booth is comprised of four high-capacity extractor fans that pull excess solution mist away from your client and into the booth's top of the line filtration system. ·Spray Tan Machine Noise Reduction Box A noise reduction box that fits securely around your spray tan machine helps you keep the serene, quiet atmosphere that you desire for your salon. The box has an inner layer of sound dampening built into it, but it still allows for proper ventilation of your machine. Our noise reduction box has wheels on it so you can easily take your machine from room to room. ·Pop Up Tent A spray tanning pop up tent or portable enclosure allows you to bring your sunless tanning salon to any area. The tent quickly pops open, allowing you to create a spray tanning space in a matter of seconds. The tent makes clients feel comfortable and it can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If you are interested, take a look at Orange County Spray Tanning. ·Overspray Floor Fan with Filter An overspray floor fan is an ideal way to reduce overspray after sunless tanning solution application. It also speeds up the drying process after an airbrush tan. This powerful floor fan filters pollen, dust, smoke, pet hair and more, so you can keep a clean work space. ·HVLP Spray Tanning Gun The HVLP spray tanning gun can be purchased separately and used as a replacement gun with the HVLP airbrush machine. HVLP spray tanning guns have direct air flow to the spray head, which gives the best atomization while also eliminating heat buildup in the handle. Another plus of the HVLP spray tanning gun is that it features a simple -œquick clik- air cap, allowing you to choose a horizontal or vertical spray pattern with a simple -œpush, twist and click.- ·Spray Tanning Kit Spray tanning kits come with everything you need to get started. Whether it is offering an airbrush tanning service at your salon or opening a mobile spray tanning business, we have the right kit for you. Some of our spray tanning kit options include the following top sellers: oThe California Tan Sunless - HVLP ELITE kit is our top selling salon kit because it is an all-inclusive system that comes with top of the line spray equipment, solution and accessories. It offers a time-efficient system for flawless, full body color in under 4 minutes. oThe Gemstone PRO Spray Tan Elite Kit is a fantastic option for salon owners or mobile technicians looking for a cost effective introduction into spray tanning. It comes with everything you need to get started, including the professional tanning sprayer, three liters of sunless spray solution, a pop up tanning tent, Kahuna Bay barrier cream, spray tan machine cleaner and more! oNorvell also offers a superior mobile spray tanning kit at an affordable price. For more info, visit this website

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