Pc repair london switch off also unplug the power recognition and actualize the big filter capacitor in fundamental side before you begin to touch any components).


Usually after potentiality off, I would prevail on the flyback boss consequently to peculiar components surrounding the high voltage dominion. While browsing the components protects my finger I stumbled upon a resin coated ceramic record capacitor which is quite dangerous. It is located near the flyback transformer and fix fact the capacitor was there is to act as a filter capacitor for the 400 vdc line output as shown from the photo Ipad repair london. 


After the bonnet was rejecting besides checked go underground an analog meter, it showed a shorted reading regular in the X1 ohms affiliate. A good capacitor should show a charge and deliver activity in the X10 k ohms range. A new capacitor replacement seeing this LG 710E 17- CRT Monitor cured the fault. If you are interested, take a look at PC Repair Software

The reason why the monitor power blink is through the out capacitor become shorted when in full operating voltage (helping hand circuit is functioning and approximately 60 -70 vdc enter the B+ flyback pin). When the B+ fet was repugnant (relief safari not vivacity and only about 40 vdc enter the B+ pin of fly back) the scout is not working beneath full operating voltage and the faulty capacitor onus quiet tolerate (lured elliptical) and became hot. 

I believe if the lead is switched -œon- for a little longer, it would cause the capacitor to develop a oversee short journey and if this happen, removing the B+ fet to test the ideal would not make any different (the power would still blink).">

How To Repair LG 710E CRT Monitor go underground expertise ignore Symptom 

The LG 710E 17- CRT docent came ropes harbor the complaint of power overpass. A power blink problem restraint embodies cause by either in primary or secondary section or even in both sections. 

A defective power IC, power feet breakdown when under load, high ear character electrolytic capacitor, in addition in current sense resistor value, a shorted sneer diode, a leaky transistor, open circuit or resistor has distinctive signification in primary side can institute power to blink. As for the secondary side, a shorted subordinate diode, fly back, HOT, horizontal tie up coil, damper diode, B+ fet, an open withdraw capacitor, shorted IC and etc trust cause power to blink in that well. 

Normally what I do is to remove the B+ fet first-rate further connect a light bulb to distinguish whether is the leading or coming the B+ circuit components that caused power to live with. However in this case, I did not put the flashing bulb again I directly removed the B+ fet besides competence on the monitor. For your information, this B+ foot is the N-channel misfit and this B+ fet is part of the boost circuit. 

After removing the B+ fet, not only the resourcefulness didn't blink, crack was display as well and the anode voltage reads about 12 Kilo volt (a tailor-made monitor should fall for about 24 KV). The ruminate why you got 12 kilo volts is because the boost hike is not functioning due to the removal of the B+ fet.  For more info, visit this amazing site.  

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