Worksites can be dangerous places, no matter the occupation.  That’s why employers are required to enact procedures that would enhance safety for all workers.  Those procedures include having the proper safety equipment on hand, promoting methods of work that wouldn’t pose a danger, and training workers on any dangerous equipment.If you want to know more about this, check out Personal injury lawyer Ventura.

A new report highlights what is perhaps an overlooked threat at many work sites:  nail guns.  These items are so common that many people might tend to underestimate the danger they pose.  However, OSHA believes that as many as 37,000 persons every single year sustain a nail gun-related injury that requires emergency room treatment.

It’s up to employers and employees working together to make sure this injury rate goes down.  Not only is it imperative that training on these devices occurs and that information is available in multiple languages, but everyone needs to understand the danger of tinkering with the full sequential trigger.  This vital component is necessary to prevent constant firing, but far too many people seem willing to sacrifice safety in the name of productivity.

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