Sweet wine, traditional wine, the best contribution wine magazine, some wine promoter and even wine software, where else would you imagine you can find the whole thing about wine, none other than in Wine Country Tour, California. This Northern California region is considered as world-renowned wine-growing region in the United States. The Golden State has been producing wine nearly more than 200 years, since the days of the early Spanish missionaries. From Mendocino to Santa Barbara, California boasts almost 100 different varietals in almost 100 viticulture areas.  If you are interested, take a look at Sonoma coast pinot noir

 Many visitors rejoice exploring the area on their own possession, resting at wineries and sampling vintages in different tasting rooms, but guided Napa Tour wine country may disclose scenic sites and small wineries often ignored by the wide-ranging public. Admired guided tours of the area also take in bike journeys, hot-air balloon rides and train trips. Read on more to learn how to rejoice wineries tour in California. 


 1) Step to Mendocino County: Mendocino County, sited about two hours north of San Francisco, is address to 53 wineries, spread around the Anderson Valley, Redwood Valley and Mendocino Ridge is among other rising regions. The county is also named for its spectacular redwood forests, an impressive and weathered coastline and the blooming art community of Mendocino. 

   2) Glance at Napa Valley region: The best known California's wine regions, Napa Valley Wine Tour is sited to a narrow, 27-mile long broaden land that extends from the town of Napa, about an hour north of San Francisco, to Calistoga. This fertile valley is holds nearly 373 wineries, as well as an array of restaurants, bed and breakfast inns and foodie markets. 

 3) Lodi: When ZInfandel is cited many wine lovers dream of the wineries in Lodi. Rest in California's Central Valley the grapes grow up in a diversity of climates. As a result the Zins of Lodi are secret of having a big soft jammy taste. 

 4) Halt in Sonoma Wine County: Immediate west of Napa Wine Tour lies Sonoma County. This coastal region is extra spread out and more familiar than its cousin to the east. Among the area 260 wineries is Buena Vista, founded in 1857, and whispered to be California's first profitable winery.  For more info, visit this site.  
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