One of the most important aspects of your wedding is the pictures that will bring you years of fond memories. Hiring a good photographer may just be the most important thing you do when planning your wedding. Here are a few tips on what to discuss with your wedding photographer.  The Wedding Party One of the most overlooked topics the wedding photographer misses when capturing images of your guests is photos of them with the wedding favors. Many people look upon these gifts as valued mementos of their family member of cherished friends wedding. A nice photo of the wedding party with the bridesmaid gifts or the groomsman gifts is always suitable for framing. Pictures of guests un-posed and having a great time as they eat, drink, and dance are treasured moments that many will want to keep forever.  Timeless Moments  Make sure that you sit down with the photographer and explain the who is who list. If you are interested,go to  Wedding photographers southern oregon.  photographer may not be able to ascertain who is important to you and who is not so important. They will also need help understanding you are in the immediate family and who is not. This is important so the camera can catch moments that usually go unnoticed and only come once in a lifetime. A father watching his little girl dance at her wedding or the proud mother of a young man as he enters the word of a family of his very own. These tender moments need to be captured and your photographer will do a much better job of it if he knows who is who.   Suffer The Children Children are the most cherished treasure that we possess and are always the cutest part of any event. Make sure that the photographer is aware of your desire to capture the reactions to the children at your wedding and reception. A precious picture of a child falling asleep during the wedding is worth a million tears in the memories that it will bring in the years to come. That little boy peeking up the bridesmaids dress will want a copy of that photo ten years up the road to share with his new family.   Negatives are Positives I cannot impress upon you just how important the negatives are. Always check wit the photographer about the best option concerning the negatives. Some photographers know how to store your negatives for you so that they will survive the ravages of time. They will store them for you until they are needed but even this is a gamble. What happens if the photographer passes away or if there is a fire? Will your negatives be taken care of once you entrust them to the photography studio? Sometimes it is best to take these yourself. If you decide to keep the negative, consult with more than one professional as to how to preserve them and keep them safe. It might be better to keep them somewhere fireproof. If you lose your photos due to fire, the only way to get them back is with the negatives. These are just a few of the tips I would give to preserve your memories. Your photographer, however, will have many, many more. When shopping for a wedding photographer always ask for a demonstration of their work, like a portfolio and call any references that they provide. For more info, visit this website

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